Cozies, Cocoa, and Chainsaws: Let us help protect your home from the cold that has hit Seattle!

No, it's not the title of a B-action movie - It's our campaign to ensure our clients are well taken care of! In between our rounds of previewing homes for buyers or holding open houses for our sellers this week, we are making deliveries of faucet cozies,  Franz hot cocoa, and even lending a hand (or rather a chainsaw) for down trees or their limbs (Remember, Brian's from Idaho!). Seattle's been hit with the unusually relentless cold weather. In a place where residents have neither snow tires nor shovels, most don't know to protect their water supplies in their houses, townhouses, or even some condos. 

HOW DOES COLD WEATHER ENDANGER A HOME?  When water changes from liquid to it's solid state, it expands and its molecules form an impressively strong, regular crystalline structure.  The arrangement of the crystalline lattice and it's expansion in a confined space may burst the object it's contained in.  So in a home, water in a water supply line can freeze, causing it to rupture the supply line. When the section of ice in a pipe thaws, it would then allow a massive amount of water through the rupture, damaging your home.

"DRIP YOUR FAUCET".  For those of us originally from colder climates, we may have been told to "drip our faucet".  Turning on a faucet to a slow drip allows for pressure relief if the network of water supply lines in your home freezes in parts, causing pressure in the lines.  This relief keeps the line from bursting.  Consult a licensed plumber, but it is usually best to "drip" the faucet furthest away from where the water supply line comes into your home.

FOAM COVERS.  The best thing is always prevention.  Wrap any exposed pipes or exterior faucets with some kind of insulating material such as putting a foam cover on an external faucet.  This in conjunction of allowing a faucet to drip is the least expensive protection for burst pipes due to the cold weather.  Consult a licensed plumber for questions or help, but these items can also be found in your local hardware store.

"COZIES, COCOA, AND CHAINSAWS!"  To ensure your investment is protected, Brooke Orcutt and Brian Huie are driving around to deliver cozies and hot cocoa to our BH Group clients!  Stores are running out left and right (maybe because I snagged 300 of Seattle's inventory of faucet covers - Sorry, I'm not sorry). Also, the typical Seattlite works way too many hours to want to fight traffic to a hardware store on your free time.  So let us deliver your free cozy and tin of gourmet hot cocoa! Simply shoot me over the number of exterior faucets you have and we'll drop come cozies off to protect them!  And yes, I know no one else calls faucet covers "cozies" but you knew what I meant this whole article.  :)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact your BH Group agent at any time.  We are always here to help you - and those you graciously refer - before, during, and well after the sale or purchase of your home.