To be eligible for benefits, both Team Member and “Brian Huie” must be listed as the brokers in the transaction documents unless Team Member is co-brokering with another BH Group agent.  In that case, please consult with Brian Huie as certain permissions and accessibility may be restricted (i.e. transaction coordinator and other vendors that Brian Huie may have to oversee). On all purchase and sales agreements, the brokers identified on the bottom of page 1 must be both Team Member and Brian Huie (NMWLS# 101903).  On the line, please write “[Your full name]/Brian Huie” for “selling broker” and write “[Your lag number]/101903” for “MLS Lag No”. RSVP requires Form 42A for more than one agent, so be sure to use Form 42A with Brian listed as the co-agent.  


Benefits as a Buyer’s Broker

1. Closing Day Cleaning: up to a 7-mile radius from 1100 Dexter Ave N, Seattle WA 98109 on the day of transaction closing.

  • If Team Member does not or can not grant timely or safe entry for the cleaning crew, then Team Member may forfeit services and may be charged for the cleaning crew to show up.
  • Company uses Spotless In Seattle or another of Company’s preferred cleaners

2. Personalized Sparkling Wine

  • Used for each closing
  • Order replacements after using last bottle by contacting Transaction Coordinator