Full-Time Executive Assistant (Must Have Real Estate Broker License)

Do you love real estate and people but not interested in working as a sales person, especially 7-days a week?  I need help working with my referral based clients - who are all absolutely wonderful, fun, and mean the world to me!  I may need help with new clients here and there, but generally new clients seek me out so there’s little salesy stuff, like lead converting, for us to do!  You’ll always get three consecutive days off each week as work is only Saturday through Tuesdays and from 11-8pm. Must hold an active WA broker’s license, have a driver’s license, and reliable transportation that you might be touring clients in.  No, you won’t be my “showing agent” doing all the work and only plugging miles on your car - showing homes is actually my favorite part of the job but I can’t always be available! You won’t even be making lead gen/SOI/cold calls...ever - I don’t. I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t want to do myself. However with that said, I have high standards for myself. I expect us to focus on and develop new processes to always outperform and outwork others in our industry but more efficiently and hopefully with less time and effort.  

Your primary objective is to help me give outstanding and unparalleled service to my clients by either being amazing with them directly or taking tasks off my plate so that I can focus on a client and their transaction.  The average day will not be routine and will keep us on our toes. On a hypothetical week, you may one day be by my side changing 200 light bulbs to prep for a 6,000sf listing, the next day touring separately with buyers before holding an open house and then rushing to cater a housewarming party. The day after that, we might tour with buyers together then finally end your hypothetical week with a full day logging  and cleaning inventory at our office/warehouse. You should be a self-starter and always see the glass as half full. Be resourceful and never say the words “I don’t know how to do that” or “I don’t think I can”...because, well, we all have google and youtube on our phones. You and I don’t need to be friends or even have similar philosophical beliefs - We just need to understand that we have a unique opportunity to make a lot of sales earnings by helping people better their lives and make safe decisions.  

COMPENSATION: This will be a W-9 position with approximately $75-100k annual pay based on my sales.  In theory, after you get the hang of things, your pay will be projected towards $150k as I’m hoping you’ll help me perform 150% of what I can do myself!  

PERKS: No early morning starts, 3-consecutive days off every week, working ~36hrs each week, working with an outstanding and wonderful team part of  a very supportive and compliant firm, RSVP Real Estate.

REQ’S: Every Saturday-Tuesday 11-8, working most holidays (never Thanksgiving, or 12/25).  Able to learn computer programs fast (CRM, email, document archiving, inventory, scheduling).  Already familiar with posting on social media and uploading videos onto YouTube. Habits you’ll need to develop are carrying your laptop or an ipad with you at all times, dressing well at all times (in business or business casual while “on the clock”), keeping your vehicle clean at all times - These are hard habits do develop with our work load.

TO APPLY: Please email office@bhseattle.com a short narrative about yourself, something you’d like me to know, and where you hope to see yourself in 5-years from now.  Include your WA DOL RE Broker license number. Also attach your resume in PDF form to the email. Although I needed help months ago, I am willing to wait many more months until I find the right candidate.