We have the best splits in the Industry. The best resources and benefits in the industry. There are no startup costs for you. Plus, you are guaranteed 2 high-quality appointments per week, with additional leads.

Ask yourself this: Do you want more quality leads? Want to join the real estate team that provides the best opportunity for success? BH Group has a completely different and innovative business model. 

We provide all of following (free to you!):

Professional green cleaning of all your listings and buyer closings
Home Inspections
Real Estate Photography
3D Matterport with floor plans and webpage of all your listings

Advertising and Marketing:
Professional Headshots
Impressive Business cards
Stationery for open-house invitations, thank-you notes, and flyers
Signs--'Open House,' 'For Sale,' 'Sold'--customized with your information
Customer relationship management (CRM) software
Professional Email account with cloud storage
Customized champagne bottles and flutes for your buyer or seller at closing
Even Administrative Support: transaction coordinator, 24/7 team office access, training resources

Our agents are supported by an experienced designated broker, as well as a strong team with a proven business model. 

I sell about 40 homes per year for my on-market transactions...and I'd like to double that in the next year or two, with your help. Imagine yourself selling 40 of our 80 homes a year, making $588,000 per year of take-home pay! (Your first year might be more around $100k, but we'll work that up quickly!) 

Two key qualities we are looking for in our agents: readiness to work as a team and ability to convert leads. Readiness to work in a team environment is key, as our team operates a bit differently than most, which makes this an important quality to succeed on our team. I have high demands of my team members and this includes the ability to keep up and convert leads. Are you able to work well to build trust quickly and gain client relationships from new contacts? Do you want to work as part of a team environment? Then, you may be a good fit for our team!

All leads we provide to you will be in the Seattle area, including downtown, however, you must be willing to meet as far south as Kent, or as far north as Lynnwood on short notice. Everything in Seattle real estate happens VERY quickly, and we cannot miss an opportunity for our clients. So, flexibility is a must. You will receive two buyer showing appointments per week, plus additional leads. Are you ready!?

Washington State RE Broker's license
Willingness and ability to work as part of a team structure
Ability and experience with converting leads
Live in Seattle
Be willing to meet as far south as Kent or as far North as Lynnwood, as well as in downtown Seattle on a flexible time frame
A valid Washington State driver's license
Willingness to work no less than 40 hours per week, and to understand that some weeks are 60 hours
Not have another job
A strong understanding of social media marketing
Ability to dress professionally every day of the week if necessary
Willingness to join RSVP Real Estate
Real estate brokerage experience preferred, but not required
Willingness to take an employment aptitude test

To apply for the position:

Write me a letter and tell me why I should work with you and what you like about my business. Please do not call regarding this position, as our team is very busy, and will not be able to answer/return any calls regarding the position. Therefore, please read this ad and our website carefully, and submit your letter. After we review all applicants, we will contact those that are a good match, at which point we can discuss any questions. Include your phone number, email address, physical address, and any social media handles you may have. Please check out our website and see if we are a good fit: https://www.brianhuie.com/hiring