It's simple - By focusing on quality, striving for excellence, resisting ideas of entitlement, and understanding full service, then success will naturally come to you easily and continuously.  Too often teams promote resources offering low quality leads and "systems" that play the numbers game with multiple tiers of filters and sales techniques.  In contrast, BH Group believes in only one system in which you have the resources and support to make your own name synonymous to 'quality' and to promote your quality to ultimately be referral based.  Brian has never made a phone call or asked for business - He won't teach you how to make cold calls; He won't even expect you to make calls.

Brian believed in creating a network of brokers to rely on for support, and uphold an unparalleled standard of quality in real estate services. However, the real estate industry had a different definition of team than what he was used to. Unlike nearly all teams in the industry, BH Group was created for the sole purpose of sharing resources, supporting others, and creating trust - not for the monetary benefit of the lead broker.  

All buyer and seller services that BH Group offers our clients are complimentary to you, the agent, and thus are complimentary to your clients.  We have created alliances with dozens of professional companies to be able to provide professional 3rd party services to you.  Things like staging, home cleaning, business cards, transaction coordinators, professional photography, flyers, and signs are all complimentary to the agent so that all of our agents can focus on what they are good at - selling homes.  We don't just claim to have access to the services, we expect the broker to use each and every service as long as it is beneficial to the client.

We actively host or participate in events such as monthly home buying happy hours, young professional networking, fundraising events, and membership only networking events such as Master Builder's Association.  We support an atmosphere of self and peer motivation.  This is not through group cold call sessions or door knocking as a group - We do it by attending events, training, or brainstorming together.

The firm, RSVP Real Estate, is an award winning firm and one of Washington's fastest growing local and family run businesses.  It is owned and operated by a father and son team with a combined 50-years of experience.  RSVP is proud to be extremely strict on policies and compliance and so is BH Group.  

We live by the motto: "Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do".

If you think our group is good fit for you, please don't hesitate to contact Brian Huie at, any time.