Thank You! Raffle 

Each month we will be offering a raffle for an exciting prize. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for everything our clients do to help the team continue to succeed! It’s also a fun way to help us continue to change Seattle real estate. The drawing will be featured in a Facebook Live Stream, where we will announce the winner of that month’s exciting prize. The drawing will be hosted by yours truly, Brian, and that is also when we will announce the prize for the following month. Each month the prize up for grabs will change, but below you will find a short list of prizes you may be seeing soon! If you have ideas for fun prizes you would like to see featured, fill out the quick form below, and we will add it to our list of consideration.

March 2019 Drawing: Tune in on March 31st to see who will win this month’s prize!
Prize awarded on March 31st: $300 Visa Gift Card


How to Get Entered in The Next Raffle:

You refer a friend, relative, or co-worker! 4 entries*
You answer a Questionnaire! 1 entry*
You review Brian/Your BH Group Agent online! 1 entry per site*
You let us cater your housewarming party 4 entries*

Potential Upcoming Prizes for Future Months:

Shark Robo Vacuum
2-weeks of weekly housekeeping
Choice of Smart Doorbell (Nest, Ring)
Choice of sofa worth up to $1000

*Full Rules:
Each of the above tasks that provide entry onto the raffle will be a one-time entry, times the number of entry “points” that task is worth, to be used in the next raffle (For example: “You let us cater your housewarming party” is worth 4 entry points, so if we cater your housewarming party in January, you will receive 4 entries into the January drawing).
Referrals: each time you refer anew client, you will receive 4 entries into the next drawing; entry takes place upon closing of the sale with that new client (the new client can be a buyer or a seller) (For example: you refer your friend Suzy to Brian in February, or another BH Group agent, and that friend sells their home through Brian; and the sale closes escrow in April. In this example, you will receive 4 entries into the April drawing). Entries for referrals are for referrals of new clients only. If more than one person refers the same new client, the entries will go to the person who new client names as the referrer.
Questionnaire: use this link to fill out the questionnaire. Once we receive this completed questionnaire, you will receive entry in the next drawing.
Housewarming party: To receive entry, housewarming party must be hosted after January 1st 2019. Please allow at least 1 week to secure caterers. One housewarming party per new home purchased.
Online reviews: 1 entry per each of the following sites for BH Real Estate Group: Yelp, Facebook, Google, Zillow

nest and ring doorbells
shark vacuum

Do you have an idea for a future prize you’d like to see? Tell us below!

To help us find the correct product you are interested seeing as a prize, please provide a link to it here.