2019 STATS

  • Individually Listed/Sold $8.57M worth of homes*

2018 STATS

2017 STATS:

  • Individually Listed/Sold $22.97M worth of homes*

  • Leads a team who has listed/sold $5.94M worth of homes*

  • Nominated for 1-city-wide award, awarded at end of year*

2016 STATS:

  • Individually Sold $16.394M worth of homes

  • Partnered with another broker to sell over $30M worth of homes

  • 4-firm, 1-city-wide, and 1-state-wide awards




Brian began in real estate in the early 2000's.  While a sophomore in college, he purchased his first home and commercial property with a military bonus and personal loan. He continued buying, renovating, renting, and selling as a hobby while in school, military, and then medical industry before deciding to help others buy and sell. During his renovation years, he bought and sold over 30-homes. There he learned what he loved and what he hated about the brokers that he worked - It was with this repeated first hand understanding of what a buyer or seller needs in a broker is what taught him how to be an efficient and truly full-service broker.  Before he even considered a career in sales, he had already solidified his expertise and skills in negotiations and contract compliance work. Then in only his first 9 months of sales, he sold more homes by himself than many teams in a year - tens of millions in residential properties, negotiated hundreds of thousands in credits, and helped dozens of first time home buyers find their first home.  He now leads a small exclusive team based out of Seattle's South Lake Union and downtown Bellevue offices and routinely remote conferences with teammates. This remarkably intense structure ensures the team's ability to help more buyers and sellers yet still promise the same dedication and attention Brian has always delivered. Like Brian, each team member limits their focus and attention to a maximum 3-5 clients at a time which is extremely uncommon in the sales industry where it’s common to have 10+ clients and hundreds if not thousands of “leads”…at a time. Brian and the team would love to assist you at whatever stage you are in your home buying or selling process!


His professionalism and expertise are second only to his passion for selflessly helping others.  He is passionate about protecting his client throughout the entire process of buying or selling a home.  Simply finding or selling a home is the job of any broker; Finding a home or buyer, researching, providing resources, strategizing, negotiating, and guiding you along the way as a full-service consultant is how he and his team differs.  He's been known to sacrifice more than just his commission to ensure the safety of his clients.  Each team member, including himself, is required to work or study a minimum of 60-hours a week.  Brian is more than just your broker, but your friend to make your experience as stress-free as possible before, during, and after your transaction.


Helping others is simply his nature.  Locally volunteered with Seattle Works, Seattle OneBrick, Roxhill Elementary, the 45th Street Homeless Youth Clinic, and Seattle Children's Hospital. He now focuses his energy to advocate for Seattle Children's Hospital as a Legacy Advisor and a leadership committee member for Children's NGLA. Nationally, he has mentored at-risk children as an AmeriCorps Volunteer, AmeriCorps/Students-in-Service volunteer, and served in the US Air Force where he learned, "Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all".